Measure transportation using validated multimodal analytics

StreetLight pioneered using LBS data to measure vehicle, transit, and active transportation. Experience a limited version of our web platform with a free trial before you buy.

  • Sample a subset of our key Metrics including counts, Origin-Destination, and routing
  • Get access to current and historical data
  • Overlay with demographics, trip speed, and durations
  • Test 3D visualizations, interactive charts, and O-D matrices

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The transportation industry's most comprehensive validated metrics

With projects in 48 U.S. states and all 10 Canadian provinces, our Metrics have been used and validated by hundreds of agencies and transportation firms. StreetLight’s Metrics have been validated against public, external sources including permanent sensors, household surveys, license plates, bluetooth scanning, and the U.S. Census. Additional third-party validations with clients and partners using private data also support the quality of our Metrics.

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How we generate the Metrics you need

Every month we ingest, process, and index over 40 billion anonymized location records from smartphones and navigation devices in connected cars and trucks. Our proprietary data processing engine, Route Science®, algorithmically transforms them into contextualized, normalized, and aggregated travel patterns.

You get access to the data output: analytics that describe how vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit passengers move on our streets.


Essentials for everyday transportation studies, available on your desktop 24/7

  • Current and historical traffic volumes, AADT, and routing
  • Origin-Destination and Select Link for any road or zone
  • Multimode travel Metrics with bike, pedestrian, commercial truck, and transit
  • Transportation equity Metrics with demographics and inferred trip purpose

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