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VOLTA | EV Charging Prioritization

VOLTA’s PredictEV tool blends travel demand Metrics with historical charge station capacity and utility network data to optimize charging deployment.

FORD MOBILITY | Safety Infrastructure

Safety Solutions overlay safety data with vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian metrics to identify where to act first to improve traffic safety.

CBRE | Commercial Site Selection

CBRE’s tools blend your data with StreetLight’s site traffic analysis, visitor demographics and other Metrics to assess potential of commercial real estate.

IMMENSE | Fleet & Mode Simulation

Immense blends StreetLight’s transportation demand data with cutting edge modeling techniques to optimize fleet adoption of ride share, AVs, and EVs.

CONVEYAL | Transportation Accessibility

Conveyal makes it faster and easier for planners and engineers to calculate rigorous, research-backed measures of access to opportunities.

StreetLight on HERE Marketplace

HERE Marketplace lets customers easily use StreetLight for their own solutions to optimize transportation, traffic management and road safety.

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How we generate the Metrics you need

Every month, we ingest, process, and index over 40 billion anonymized location records from smartphones and navigation devices in connected cars and trucks. Our proprietary data processing engine, Route Science®, algorithmically transforms them into contextualized, normalized, and aggregated travel patterns.

You get access to the data output: analytics that describe how personal vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, bicycles, and pedestrians move on our streets.