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"The amount that speeding increased was surprising. It emphasizes the fact that our streets trigger this behavior... We were very grateful to bring attention to this critical issue using the [StreetLight] tools.”
Nora Kern

Executive Director, Walk Bike Nashville

Panelist Bios

Scott Johnson is senior regional planner at Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), where he spearheads cutting-edge pilot projects. Johnson has over a decade of experience driving innovative solutions for safer and more accessible transportation.

Adham Kalila is a senior project engineer at StreetLight and the safety solutions project manager. Previously, Adham co-founded Transport for Cairo, a data collection and policy research company focused on open data and sustainable mobility strategies in megacities in Africa.

Isabel Viegas is a senior data scientist in StreetLight's skunkworks research team. Her work uses data science and modeling techniques to better understand transportation behaviors to help decision makers shape policy and infrastructure.


Power any phase of safety planning with validated data for better decisions


Quantify and rank road network safety performance to develop safety improvement strategies


Blend multimodal volume, equity demographics with crash data to identify safety improvement opportunities


Implement and evaluate strategies to monitor the efficacy of selected countermeasures

Transportation Safety Solutions: Tools to Prioritize the Right Improvements