Quantify project impacts to win SMART grants

StreetLight's powerful analytics can help communicate your proposed solution's impact on transportation efficiency, equity, and safety. Make your case to federal grant administrators with access to:

  • Metrics to quantify the benefits of your proposed solution for key SMART grant themes, including safety, reliability, equity, access, climate, and resiliency
  • Customizable mobility data for any road, any mode, any time period to establish performance baselines
  • Data-driven insights and visualizations to win stakeholder and community buy-in

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Get quick, defensible insights to unlock SMART funding


Level up your application with validated, recent, and defensible data to justify your projects for community engagement and stakeholder buy-in.


Get comprehensive demographics tied to travel patterns to demonstrate the impact of your projects on historically disadvantaged populations.


Ensure that you are looking at proposed solutions from a multimodal perspective with bike, vehicle, and pedestrian Metrics.

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Safety & Reliability

 Identify high-priority corridors that need solutions to improve safety.

Access recent Vehicle, Bike, and Pedestrian Volume and Speed Metrics on all roadways to identify locations with high vehicle speed and high pedestrian and bike traffic. Combine with your local crash data to calculate the exposure-adjusted crash risk.

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Equity & Access

Show that proposed solutions improve transportation accessibility for historically disadvantaged populations.

Leverage multimodal analyses combined with traveler demographics that show how and why traffic flows to critical destinations like job sites, healthcare, and essential services.

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Climate & Resilience

Demonstrate that proposed solutions mitigate traffic congestion and contribute to positive climate impact 

Diagnose traffic patterns for all hours of the day with congestion Metrics such as Vehicle Miles Traveled and Vehicle Hours of Delay. Evaluate the impact of signal timing adjustments and other congestion reduction efforts on traffic flow.

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