Services Projects from StreetLight: Solving Complex Transportation Problems

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Looking for nationwide origin and destination data? Need access to customized transportation metrics but don’t have the analytics team to deliver those insights? Specialized data science and engineering teams are best equipped to manipulate data at scale or complexity, but not all transportation teams have that expertise on staff.

Access specialty metrics without adding headcount and increasing your project’s budget. Learn how consulting firms, companies, DOTs, and MPOs collaborate with StreetLight’s in-house data science experts to solve complex transportation challenges. Whether you are looking to perform dwell-time studies, understand commercial vehicle tours, or need help running projects in the StreetLight InSight® platform, our Services Projects experts can help. 

Watch the webinar to hear from Sean Co, Director of Special Projects, as he introduces our Services Projects. Sean will share: 

  • Ways to extend the StreetLight InSight® platform to dive into more complex transportation analyses 
  • Studies outside of our StreetLight InSight® platform that are possible with expert data science support, such as understanding TNC trips, dwell time, tours, etc.
  • Success stories of customers partnering with our team to create new ways of using Big Data

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