Tackling Transit Data Challenges With StreetLight’s New Bus and Rail Metrics

bus_rail webinar V3Looking to understand boarding and alighting data for bus trips in a specific ZIP Code? How about which rail lines have the highest proportion of low-income riders? Need to understand COVID-19’s impact on transit but don’t have the recent data? Or maybe where bike, car, or pedestrian trips to transit stations originate? 

Watch the webinar to learn more about our new Bus and Rail Metrics, validated against agency counts across the U.S. Learn how to enrich transit data sets with on-demand, frequently updated Bus and Rail Metrics.

Hear from Hunter Irvin, Product Manager, Data & Metrics, and Jeff Peel, Customer Success Executive, as they tackle all things Bus and Rail, including:

  • How StreetLight’s Transit Metrics can help augment data sets for measuring rail boarding and alighting at a station, social equity, and other use cases
  • See how LBS enables powerful Transit Metrics with time trends to help you validate assumptions about travel behavior and ridership conditions – and advocate for transit improvements.
  • A deep dive into the validations comparing StreetLight Bus and Rail Metrics to agency counts
  • Live demo of the Bus and Rail Metrics in the StreetLight InSight® platform


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