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“StreetLight provided us with invaluable data that would have otherwise been impossible to collect. Rather than having to make assumptions, StreetLight empowered us to make informed decisions that were data driven.”
Joe Johnson


StreetLight is your platform for on-demand transportation metrics

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Origin-Destination for multiple modes

Get hourly O-D data for motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians for any geographic zone, from entire cities to city blocks to individual roads or intersections.

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Volume, speed, duration, and more

Need AADT for a local traffic study or a whole region? Need to measure congestion or inform your constituents? Our 24/7 metrics are all on-demand.

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Demographics, social equity

Struggling to collect robust survey data or constituent input? Use our income, race, and mobility metrics at the zone level to ensure equitable access.

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Discover how you can harness smartphones as sensors to measure vehicle, transit, bike, and foot traffic—for any road, any mode, any time.